Matthews On The "New" Right

Chris Matthews & company discuss the "new" right.

To which, some Tea Party groups have objected:
A coalition of Tea Party groups is slamming MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for his “left-wing propaganda hit piece” documentary on the Tea Party movement and is calling on sponsors to drop his show.

MSNBC aired “The Rise of the New Right,” hosted by Matthews, Wednesday night.

The National Tea Party Federation, a broad coalition of Tea Party groups that offer rapid response to attacks on the movement, condemned the documentary as “journalism at its worst” whose “purpose was to demonize and misrepresent.”

“Chris Matthews and MSNBC have just delivered one of the most dishonest pieces of propaganda posing as journalism in American broadcast and cable television history,” said National Tea Party Coalition co-founder Michael Patrick Leahy.
Well, I'd hardly say that it is worthy of calling MSNBC's sponsors -- but go ahead and knock yourself out guys.