Parker Griffith Can't Win

Unsurprising news flash: voters don't like party-switchers:
Here's one lesson from the latest round of primary elections: Switching parties doesn't necessarily work. Just ask Rep. Parker Griffith, the Alabama Democrat turned Republican, who on Tuesday became the fourth incumbent felled by this year's elections.

Griffith was first elected to Alabama's northernmost House district in 2008, riding a Democratic surge that helped dozens of centrist Democrats claim conservative-leaning districts. An analysis by Congressional Quarterly found that in his first seven months, Griffith broke ranks with Democrats on 22% of his votes.

In December 2009, he announced he would run as a Republican.

The defeat -- unofficial results show Griffith captured 33% of the vote -- comes on the heels of Pennsylvania Democrat Sen. Arlen Specter's loss a year after he switched parties.
Sorry Dr. Griffith. I know that it must have sounded like a good idea at the time -- you being a Democrat in a reasonably red district and all. In my experience, most conservatives dislike turncoats (or perceived turncoats) more than they dislike Democrats.