A Question Regarding South Carolina

The politicos at FirstRead ask:
Is South Carolina cementing its reputation as the “stink hole” of GOP politics? South Carolina's reputation for no-holds barred political combat was cemented after George W. Bush finished off John McCain in that brutal 2000 presidential primary contest. But this year's GOP primary for governor to replace the now-infamous philanderer, Mark Sanford, is taking nasty to a whole other level. State Rep. Nikki Haley -- the first Indian-American woman to hold office in the state – is now the front-runner in this four-person contest, despite accusations by two GOP operatives (none of which have been proven) that she committed adultery with him. What’s more, another GOP official referred to her (and to President Obama) as a “raghead.”
Umm, based on what I've seen in the past 18 months (with emphasis on the last week) I would have to answer YES to the initial question.