Rude On BP

Some, errr, interesting commentary by one Rude Pundit:
On the Oil Spill, "Make It Right" Is Meaningless:
Could BP (or everyone else) stop pretending like there is any way to "make this right." There's no way to make it right. Ever. Tony Hayward could go door to door along the Gulf Coast, giving blow jobs and eating pussy until his jaw is distended and his belly is bloated, and BP wouldn't even have gotten started on making it right. You can't. What's going to happen over the next couple of months is going to upend industries, towns, states, and cultures. Make it right? How about just shutting the fuck up and working?
Heh. STFU and work. Is it me, or could that the most fantastic campaign slogan ever?

"Vote for [candidate]. He/she will shut the f**k up and work."