Another Pennsylvania Budget Is Late

... but at least it is done:
The budget includes $250 million more for basic aid to public schools and authorization to borrow $600 million for capital projects, no new taxes and widely scattered cuts that are expected to result in hundreds — at least — of state employee layoffs.

The budget draws heavily from federal stimulus money, but does not specify which programs will be cut if the state does not get $850 million that has been stalled in Congress. It includes a written commitment by House Democrats and Senate Republicans to work this fall on enacting a tax on Marcellus Shale natural gas extraction and on a new nonpartisan legislative fiscal office.

Thanks largely to the federal stimulus, spending rose slightly, less than 1 percent, from 2009-10.

Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell plans to sign the budget bills on Tuesday and Wednesday in Harrisburg and other locations across the state. It is the final budget of his eight years in office, and like the others, it will be enacted after the June 30 deadline.
My emphasis.

While I am saddened to see state employees losing their jobs, it is refreshing to see a Democratic governor who is not going to raise state taxes.