George W. Bush's Middle Class Tax Cuts

...have gotten quite a bit of usage in GOP talking-points of late. Nary a day goes by that I don't see a Republican member of Congress or a conservative talk-radio mouthpeice opining about how the Democrats are going to destroy America by letting Bush (43)'s tax cuts expire. But what if the Democrats extend the tax cuts?
Just when you thought Congress was spent -- literally -- and done for the year they'll turn around and surprise you. No money left to do anything? United Republican opposition? Democrats are planning to take on the great white whale of spending: extending President Bush's middle class tax cuts. The cost is estimated from $1.6 trillion to extend them to as much as $2.7 trillion to make them permanent. According to Senate Democratic sources, the latter is what they're going to go for -- and they're planning to do it before the midterm elections.

[...] Dems are hoping to box the GOP in with this move. Republicans have balked at renewing Bush's tax cuts unless those for the wealthiest are included. The questions are: will Republicans protest at a) such huge amounts of deficit spending, and/or b) extending the middle class cuts without those for the top two tiers?
So, the tax cuts will stay -- but at what price to Americans? Or to incumbents?