In Which I Agree With Ann Coulter

Okay, well... kind of. Coulter's appearance on Hannity:

The meat:
The whole key to this story is that Andrew Breitbart was set up. He was sent a tape that, as we now know, was massively out of context. It did look like this woman was saying something racist. When she first said it was taken out of context, yeah, we've heard that before from politicians telling racist jokes. This is the first time in world history it was literally taken out of context.

It was a lovely speech. Of course the White House reacted that way -- of course you reacted the way you did. Anyone would have. I think Breitbart ought to reveal his source, because he was set up. This was a fraud. The person who sent the edited tape has to know what the full speech said, and whomever sent only that segment to Andrew Breitbart is the one who should apologize to Shirley Sherrod.
So, I am in complete agreement with Ann Coulter, which is akin to the Tartarus Sunspot as it only happens every 4,000 years.

Well, I am in nearly-complete agreement with her...

I think that Breitbart should release the identity of his source, as this person clearly had an agenda (what that agenda was is yet-to-be-determined).

However, if Breitbart purports to 'tell the whole truth', then he should have checked, re-checked and triple-checked that video -- and in doing so would have seen that it had been selectively edited to make Shirley Sherrod (and the government) look as racist as possible.

So, when Coulter says that 'whomever sent the segment to Breitbart is the one who should apologize', she is only half-right. Both the source and Breitbart should apologize.

But I think we all know that that ain't gonna happen. Although, if he does apologize, maybe Sherrod won't sue him...

Head nod: Matt Lewis