A Prism Of Greater Skepticism

As usual, Sullivan hits the proverbial nail (Breitbart) on the head:
But - and here's the thing - to the credit of many on the right (and, of course, good old Shep Smith of Fox News), this episode has led to the first real rift in the lock-step of the right-wing noise machine. I know this was so egregious a smear it was indefensible. And I know, as David Frum has noted, that many conservatives tried to deflect blame onto Obama, and the media - led by the cynic Lloyd Grove - has joined the pack. But nonetheless, many on the right took Breitbart on, from NRO outward. This great injustice has, to anyone with a fair mind, deeply damaged Fox News, deeply discredited the Breitbart noise machine, and will render every new soundbite and video issued by FNC more suspect.
I don't know about 'every new soundbite and video issued by FNC'... that seems a bit much. However, I will argue that from here on, everything that Breitbart says and does will be viewed through a prism of much greater skepticism by his critics and even his allies.

To say the least.