Reality Check: Sarah Palin Not That Popular

...with those outside of the GOP at least. FirstRead:
Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of Sarah Palin’s announcement that she was quitting her first term as Alaska governor. Since that time, however, she hasn’t stayed away from the news -- she wrote a book, signed a contract with FOX, has given numerous paid speeches, and has blasted the Obama administration via Twitter and Facebook. The AP says “she's evolved into an enduring political personality writ large -- and now the talk, growing louder, is of her own run for the White House in 2012.” But here’s the political reality: Outside of Republicans, she’s not popular at all. According to our NBC/WSJ poll, just 29% view her favorably, compared with 43% who view her unfavorably (not far from George W. Bush’s 29%-50% score). In addition, the poll shows that 52% have problems with a candidate who has been endorsed by Palin, versus only 25% who are comfortable with that attribute. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Palin is more of a political celebrity than a political figure.
Hmmm... a celebrity, you say? I wonder. Do you think she would get this kind of treatment, if she were to run for president?

Doubt it.

Plus, I still maintain that she'll never run for another office -- it's just not as lucrative as flapping her jaws on Fox News.