Splitting The Republican Party

...and conservatism in general. The Daily Beast's John Avlon writes a great piece about the challenges that face the varying viewpoints in the GOP:
While the neo-isolationists can form a fusion with the paleo-conservatives who consider Pat Buchanan their living mascot, they are at odds with the Republican Party foreign-policy establishment that won the Cold War under Ronald Reagan and prosecuted the War on Terror under George W. Bush. It is a deep and potentially unbridgeable rift because, ironically, the neo-isolationist impulse on the far-right shares many of the same principles as the reflexively antiwar far-left, prompting columnist and scholar Victor Davis Hanson to write, “No wonder a Noam Chomsky now often sounds like a Ron Paul or The Nation sometimes apes The American Conservative.”

Short-term partisan calculus will likely cause Republican leaders to encourage an uneasy alliance with the neo-isolationists because they hope to benefit from their aggressive dislike of President Obama in the mid-term elections. But their increased influence on the GOP could prove disastrous for a serious 2012 presidential nominee who will have to campaign as being “strong on national security” and confront an ongoing non-optional war against Islamist terrorism.
Trying to reconcile the differing viewpoints will be a challenge in this fall's elections -- and even moreso come 2012.