Home Depot To Shed Some Light On LEDs

Very illuminating:
[Home Depot] began selling some light bulbs in its highly energy-efficient lineup at a surprisingly affordable price of just under $20 online. Bricks-and-mortar stores will follow in September.

While $20 hardly sounds like a deal at first blush, such bulbs are expected to last as long as 30 years. Not long ago, such bulbs were not expected by most experts to cost less than $30 until 2012.

That’s the year, of course, when a federal law takes effect requiring that all bulbs sold in the United States be 30 percent more efficient than current incandescent bulbs. Even with improvements, incandescent bulbs are not expected to meet those standards, so many manufacturers are working on pushing their LED bulbs.

Unlike compact florescent bulbs, which have been unpopular with consumers because of the pallid light they cast, some newer LED bulbs are closer to the warmth and brightness of the regular incandescent. Home Depot says it is actively encouraging consumers to compare.
Emphasis mine.

I'll be honest, I don't want to shell out $20+ for a friggin' lightbulb. BUT, if the thing will last until I'm ready to retire, then I would argue the expense as being worth it. Even though I'll be cursing while I hand over a couple of Jackson's to the orange-apron-clad associate.

Plus, the article is right about CF bulbs -- pallid lighting is a great description. I have slowly replaced nearly every bulb in our house with CFs, and I loathe turning on the lights... particularly in the winter time.