The Ideology Of The Center

Recently, I've come across a new centrist political blog called 'Rise of the Center', and befriended its found Solomon Kleinsmith. While Solomon and I do not always see eye-to eye, the guy makes some very salient points on the idea of party ideology and political dogma:
People instinctually fall back on things they see as being solid when they feel threatened. The stereotypical example is when people “find religion” when their life takes a turn for the worse, but another is falling back on ideology, which really is just like religion in a number of ways.

Like fundamentalist religions, some strains of political ideology work to simplify the world they attempt to explain, to a point where the likeness to reality is tenuous at best. Like the Catholic church’s mistaken view that the universe revolved around the Earth, many on the more extreme fringes not only disagree with the majority on political principle, but see a radically different world, where conspiracy theories make sense and hidden meanings that they somehow surmise by reading between the lines of what is going on around the world become more than just a guess… they become reality to them.

This is the stuff of Birther, or Truther madness, what John Avlon so aptly calls Bush or Obama Derangement Syndrome in his fantastic book Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America.

We don’t need an ideology for the center… we’ve come to our conclusions just fine without any damn political dogma telling us how we should arrive at our political beliefs, thank you very much. Many of us shrink from the two major parties largly because of this, as we saw that old political dogma wasn’t giving us workable answers to the problems of today.
I highly recommend that you bookmark his site and check back often. As for me, very soon you'll see a link to Rise of the Center in the blogroll over there -->