In Case You Missed It: Blagojevich Guilty On Only 1 Count

A lone juror may have saved former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich from a conviction on the most serious corruption charge of conspiring to trade or sell President Obama's vacated Senate seat, according to a juror in the case.

Juror Erik Sarnello, 21, of Itasca, Ill., told "Good Morning America" that a female juror would not be swayed by the overwhelming majority and kept the jury deadlocked at 11-1 on three key counts related to the Senate seat -- conspiracy to commit extortion, attempted extortion and conspiracy to commit bribery.

"There were major, fundamental different ideas and views on what we were seeing in the evidence," Sarnello said. "We would play a phone call and one side would say, that supports, right there, he's guilty, and the other side would say, that means he's not guilty."

Sarnello said the holdout "wanted to see that clear cut evidence that we knew just wasn't there for her."
Photo: Eric Y. Exit/AP