John McCain Routs J.D. Hayworth In Arizona Primary

DANG. It appears that it's time to retire my 'JD Hayworth' tag:
Sen. John McCain routed former Rep. J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona Republican primary Tuesday night after a contentious campaign marked by stinging attacks and McCain’s attempts to burnish his own conservative credentials.

The four-term Senate incumbent appeared headed toward a nearly 2-to-1 victory over Hayworth, a former congressman and radio show talk host who attempted to cast himself as the "consistent conservative.” McCain, who led in every county in the state, held a 57 percent to 32 percent advantage with 82 percent of precincts reporting. Little-known conservative Jim Deakin, who was criticized by McCain opponents as a spoiler who would split the vote against the senator, pulled in 12 percent of the vote.

Despite a spirited bid by Hayworth, who cultivated support from — and staffed his campaign with — Tea Party activists, McCain's $21 million blitzkrieg ultimately rendered him an unacceptable alternative, despite widespread antipathy toward McCain among many grassroots conservatives.
Doug and I had an exchange on the Twitter yesterday in which we placed predictions for the margin between McCain (winner) and Hayworth (not-winner). I had surmised that McCain would win with a 12-16 point margin. Well, I was wrong. It appears that Doug won that virtual bet. In fact, he was a bit conservative in his prediction of a 20-point margin...

Oh, and Hayworth was waaaaaay off with his prediction.

Photo: CNN