Keep America Safe PAC's Anti-Mosque Ad

Simply despicable:

Now, before all of you F**k Islam Conservatives people get your religiously intolerant panties in a bunch, I should clarify: the ad is despicable, not the pain and suffering of the families that are highlighted. I, unlike you, am not an insensitive prick.

This type of persuasion gets me riled up -- and for good reason.

What if, what if, it were a bunch of Christians who flew those planes into the WTC? What if it were a group of Jews? Would you be screaming that no more churches or synagogues be allowed to be built near Ground Zero (not on it, by the way)? Yeah, probably not.

"We remember." Give me a friggin' break. We ALL remember. To insinuate that those of us who stand firm in our belief in the First Amendment are somehow forgetting disrespecting the memories of those who lost/gave their lives on September 11th, 2001 is utterly dumbfounding.

Of course we remember.

But, to let the actions of a couple of warped extremist Muslims dictate what the rest of regular Muslims can and cannot do in our country is, in my opinion, shameful.