New Hampshire Lawmaker Calls It Quits

... because of some extremely stupid comments that he made on his Facebook page:
A Democratic New Hampshire state lawmaker has resigned after speculating on Facebook about Sarah Palin's death. A second New Hampshire Democrat, an activist running for the state legislature, is apologizing for the same gaffe.

Responding to a thread on Facebook, New Hampshire State Rep. Timothy Horrigan reportedly posted a message Wednesday night that read, "Well a dead Palin wd be even more dangerous than a live one...she is all about her myth & if she was dead she cldn't commit any more gaffes."

Today, Horrigan posted on his website a resignation letter to the New Hampshire House speaker.

"I wish to resign from the House of Representatives effective immediately, and to discontinue my re-election campaign for Strafford County District 7," the letter says. "I apologize for thoughtless remarks I made which have brought this House into disrepute. I enjoyed my time in the House and I thank you personally for your support over the years."
Well, at least it's someone else's Facebook page that we are talking about for a change.

No matter your political stripe, these types of comments are inappropriate and simply uncalled for. One can vehemently disagree with a political ideology or figure and not have to resort to talking about another person's death.