On "The Liberal Media"

Joe Gandelman hits the proverbial nail on the head:
The Journolist furor revealed the sometimes inappropriate, irreverent banter that journalists for generations indulged in over beers, only this time on cyberspace on what they thought was a private list. They should have known better. Human beings have beliefs but most trained journalists hold them in check while doing their job of gathering news for that clip or sound bite that can propel them to greater career advancement. It is not in their career interest to conspire with the competition.

No, Virginia, there is no monolithic liberal media. And those who try to generalize Journolist are doing so for their own political reasons. But keep in mind that both sides attack the media when they don’t like a story unfavorable to their side, then praise and quote it when it favors them. Right and left bloggers diss the mainstream media while cutting and pasting work done by its paid professional news staffers; if you slice away mainstream media material from blogs, many would have little content. Print media originally didn’t take Internet news coverage seriously and has downsized — which means less content for bloggers to cut and paste without paying.

To believe in a media conspiracy you might as well believe that President Barack Obama was born in another country, Joan Rivers never had a facelift, or that Dennis Kucinich is destined to be President. Your Papa can document a liberal slant by pointing to some stories but that doesn’t prove a small conspiracy, let alone a big one. If you think the media is “liberal,” just ask folks on the Daily Kos or liberal politicians who insist the media is controlled by conservative corporations – and they’re not just talking about Fox.
Indeed. And I've talking about it before...