On Those Infographics

A few readers have written in to question and/or complain about the infographics that have been appearing on the blog lately. I thought that I'd take just a minute to explain...

As an up-and-coming blog, I receive numerous requests each month from, errr, services... who promise to increase traffic or provide content that will generate revenue on my site. Normally, I simply delete such requests because, well, I'm a H U G E skeptic.

A while ago, I was approached by a company that produces infographics, and (this is the kicker) they provided links to other, reputable websites who also use their service. Since I'm always looking for interesting content, I decided to take the plunge and see what the hubbub was all about...

What I've found is that these infographics are interesting, and more often than not -- funny. Most fit with many of the themes of this site, but most importantly, I get paid (a very small amount of money) to post them. =)

That's right. For a couple of bucks, you too can buy some space here.