Shirley Sherrod: 'Thanks, But No Thanks'

Not really all-that-surprising: Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack offered Ms. Sherrod a job and...
Shirley Sherrod has declined an offer to serve as the U.S. Agriculture Department's deputy director of the Office of Advocacy and Outreach.

The position includes administration and outreach to improve the Agriculture Department's civil rights efforts and image nationwide.

She said she needs to "take a break" from the events of the past few weeks, but looks forward to "some type of relationship with the department in the future."

"We need to work on issues (of) discrimination and racism in this country, and I'd certainly like to play my role," Sherrod added.
I can't say that I blame her -- but this leads me to wonder; what is next for Ms. Sherrod?

Having been thrust, albeit involuntarily, into the national political spotlight, will the networks immediately go to her for commentary on race? On agriculture? On Andrew Breitbart?

Or, will Sherrod simply fade into the political landscape and be a name that we remember randomly, several years from now. "Hey, I wonder what ever happened to Shirley Sherrod?"

Once can only guess...