The So-Called "Ground Zero Mosque" And A Gay Bar

Okay, so a couple of thoughts:

1) As Charles Johnson pointed out yesterday, "...the Park51 project (please stop calling it the “Ground Zero Mosque,” people — it’s a deliberately misleading phrase coined by bigots)..." and he's right. It's not at Ground Zero. Stop saying that it is.

2) All smug snarkiness aside, I think that what Gutfeld and Beck are proposing here is, in essence, a great idea.

To preach acceptance of diversity in sexuality to a religious organization is a good thing, though I firmly believe that they are suggesting this as a way to 'rub the rhubarb' of the Muslim community. They are not really looking to pursue understanding and tolerance, otherwise Glenn Beck might be trying to preach the same understanding and tolerance to his own church.

3) Finally, as with my argument against stopping the Park51 project, the same applies to a gay bar (or anything else for that matter): if it's private property, you cannot stop someone from building it. It's called individual liberty folks.

Head nod: JMG