Barack Obama Says 'We Can Absorb A Terrorist Attack'

...and predictably, everyone freaks out.

Dammit Doug -- you are making too much sense!
To pick up on Thiessan’s comment, wasn’t Bush effectively saying “we know insurgents are going to target our troops, probably kill some of them too, but it’s no big deal”?

Both comments, while applicable to different situations, strike me as being the same sort of “we can take it” tough talk. If one is acceptable and a sign of strength, then so is the other. Moreover, let’s turn the President’s statement around, do the people criticizing it really believe that American could not survive another terrorist attack ? If so, that shows a pretty shocking lack of faith in their fellow citizens.

The President is right, of course. Unless we’re talking about the kind of massive, crippling terrorist attack depicted in the CBS television show Jericho, the United States will survive whatever al Qaeda or any other terrorist group can throw at us, as long as we don’t lose our heads. That used to be called American optimism, and there used to be a Republican President who talked about it virtually every day he was in office. Today, the right seems to be obsessed with gloom-and-doom scenarios and the idea that the downfall of the Republic is just around corner. Quite frankly, that doesn’t strike me as a being the basis of a healthy political philosophy.
It's too bad that more folks don't listen to Mr. Mataconis... because he is spot-on here.

Unfortunately, reading Outside The Beltway (or Below The Beltway) every day will not be enough stop the gloom-and-doomers from continuing to (literally) scare up votes.