The Campaign Kiss Of Death

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...or could it be "The Campaign Kiss Of Birth(ers)"? Heh.

Seriously though -- don't most politicians (particularly those at Eric Cantor's level of operation) have aides that tell them who the person standing next to them in the photograph is?

If so, was Cantor's aide asleep for this one? Surely it is inadvisable for a legitimate politician to fraternize with a lawyer/dentist/realtor/crazyperson who continually attempts to sue the President of the United States and routinely gets rebuked by federal judges.

You see, now I have to put the tags "Eric Cantor" and "The Birthers" in the same space, which is most likely an unwelcome label for Mr. Cantor.

Just sayin'...

...and look at the girl on the far-right (wearing the purple dress). She appears upset and confused by Cantor's willingness to hob-nob with the Queen of the Birthers.