CRNC's "The Break Up"

A new ad by the College Republican National Committee. Effective, but a little too "hip" for my liking. Thoughts?

More interesting to me is the website, where this video originates. It's a subsidiary site of the College Republican National Committee -- and it features beer bottle tops and other adult-beverage imagery prominently in the site's header.

click to embiggen

While I think that the idea of putting the deficit on the younger generation's "tab" is a message that resonates (and is a great metaphor), I question the use of this theme by a college/student group.

Clearly, the use of alcohol-related imagery is an attempt at a 'hip' site design, undoubtedly trying to attract college students. But, with binge drinking oft-considered an epidemic at many college campuses, is this the type of graphic identity with which Republicans really want to be associated?

What say you, social conservatives?