George W. Bush Is A RINO

Well, that's how former President Bill Clinton sees things, when you compare the Second Bush to the Tea Party movement:
Former President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that the Republican Party is embracing "ideology over evidence" and pushing out pragmatic voices that would make even his White House successor seem like a liberal.

Clinton, speaking at a Democratic fundraiser in Minneapolis, said there was no mistaking that Republicans have tacked hard right and questioned whether former President George W. Bush would fit in among the party's candidates this year.

"A lot of their candidates today, they make him look like a liberal," Clinton told an enthusiastic crowd at a downtown hotel as he campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton.

Clinton pointed to the tea party movement's influence on the GOP.
I'm not so sure that I'd say that Bush 43 looks liberal... but I will say that he was very liberal on fiscal issues. TARP anyone?