Get It While It's Hot: New Stuff At The Store

So, I added two *NEW* items to The Store. One is a laptop sleeve, the other a netbook sleeve. Here is the former:

Please feel free to purchase copious amounts of these, and the other fine products that are available.

Right now, I'm running a deal that if you purchase $40 worth of stuff at the store, you get a laptop sleeve for free (check out the banner ad at the top of the page for details). So, think about it. You know that you need something to carry your computer around in, right?

Honestly, I let the store go for a while, but I still have the occasional person who buys a shirt or two. Just so that you know, I don't get any money from the (small amount of) sales. Rather, my objective is to plaster on as much stuff as I can, and get people walking around with that web address in plain view (preferably in the daylight).

Oh, and as far as other merch goes, TPW has a "Pundette" t-shirt -- and she looks hawt in it. T'would be a great gift for your significant other fellas. I'm just sayin'...