In The Delaware Election, The Candidate Matters

Martin Knight, writing at RedState, is a conservative who is thinking practically in regards to the Delaware Senatorial elections:
I - personally - am supporting Mike Castle in the DE US Senate Primary tomorrow, and I urge everyone to hold their noses and do the same. The Democrats are indeed planning a vengeful lame duck session. The winner of the DE Senate race would be seated immediately and make no mistake - we need an R in that seat.

Furthermore, the candidate matters - this is no Rubio vs Crist, Buck vs Norton, Angle vs Lowden, Miller vs Murkowski or even Hughes vs Kirk, Quite apart from their conservatism, Rubio, Buck, Angle, Miller and Hughes were intrinsically personally viable candidates - O’Donnell is, frankly, not.
So, this makes Mr. Knight a RINO, right? Anyone? Bueller?