Meghan McCain Bails On College Speech

Not cool McCain...
Meghan McCain, scheduled to speak at Juniata College in Pennsylvania today, canceled the engagement earlier this week due to "several unforeseen professional responsibilities."

According to McCain's Twitter feed, those unforeseen professional responsibilities include a trip to Las Vegas, Don Troop at the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

"First real time off in months - was gonna rest up for phase two next week of my Dirty Sexy Politics book tour," McCain tweeted yesterday. "But headed to sin city with my favorite crew of sinners instead...Viva Las Vegas baby."

McCain went on to complain over Twitter about the unaccommodating staff of the MGM Grand, who allegedly butchered her reservation.

The blogette may reschedule with Juniata "if the college and McCain can find an open date," according to the school's website.
... not cool at all.

I used to work at Juniata College (pronounced Joo-nee-AA-tah) and it's a great school. But, she could have done this to Podunk University and that would not change the fact that McCain acted unprofessionally.

Unless there is some other explanation... what say you @McCainBlogette?