More Thuggery On The Christine O'Donnell Campaign Trail

Some more, errr, uncomfortable video from the Christine O'Donnell campaign trail: may recognize Douchebag In The Blue Jacket from this video...

Seriously. What is the O'Donnell campaign trying to do with this strategery?

1) You don't piss off people in the press, unless you WANT negative coverage. That's just dumb politickin'.

2) The notion that sticking a flip-cam in a reporter's face is going to solve your problems is a seriously flawed notion. Plus, you come off just a little bit dickish.

3) Reporters from other publications (The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Slate magazine) were allowed to enter the campaign event. Why block this individual from entering?

4) ...and it wasn't as if this was a reporter from TPM, Huffington or some other liberal publication or blog. This was a reporter from The News Journal, Delaware's largest newspaper.

Look, I understand that campaigns want to control their message -- particularly as it relates to media coverage. But, the O'Donnell folks are going about this in the wrong way. By having a Campaign Thug to thwart reporters and citizen journalists from covering campaign events is, well, it's just creepy.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who find these videos more-than-somewhat uncomfortable... no?