My September 11th Weekend...

...summed up in one political cartoon:

Because I had to work this past weekend, I had the opportunity to sit at my desk and read through some of what the Glorious Internets had to offer on the most-depressing of days: September 11th.

And what to my wandering eyes should appear? Hate. Vitriol. Anger. The politicization of what should be the LEAST political day of the year.

Look, I'm not saying that we should spend the entire day watching MSNBC's Terrorism Porn (side note: I can't believe that they still air the entire broadcast of the event as it unfolded, there are so many better ways to do it), I'm merely saying that maybe we shouldn't spend our day twittering that YouTube is a bunch of "fucking liberals" or "No mosque here!" or even the occasional truther who still clings to the ridiculous idea that it was somehow Bush's fault that those planes crashed into the towers.

Why can't we all, for a quiet 24 hours, sit back and remember those who died that day, and not turn it into a f**king political football.

We have 364 other days to be a**holes to each other about September 11th.

I'm just sayin'...

Cartoon: John Sherffius, The Daily Camera, Boulder, Colorado