On Being Wary Of The Tea Party

Matt Lewis offers the Republican party (and conservatives in general) "Five Things Conservatives Should Be Wary Of In The Tea Party". I'm quite partial to numbers three and four:
3. Anti-Intellectualism. Unlike liberalism, which began as a patchwork of disparate interest groups seeking power, conservatism began as a coherent intellectual philosophy. But in recent decades, conservatives have mocked "pointy-headed liberal intellectuals," creating an impression that intelligence is almost something to be skeptical of. While I am certainly not advocating elitism, I would strongly encourage conservatives to reject populism. Conservative candidates who can eloquently advocate for conservative positions have a better chance of impacting the culture than do demagogues who cannot effectively communicate their philosophy to the masses.

4. Purges. For years, I have been critical of "conservatives" who consistently throw stones at other conservatives. Having said that, there is also a danger of Jacobinism, where even fellow revolutionaries are purged -- not for philosophical apostasy but for not being "team players." In recent weeks, we have seen conservative writers labeled RINO's (Republicans in name only) for questioning the background of a Tea Party candidate.
This is why I read Matt's stuff -- well-reasoned, articulate and very little (if any) bomb-throwing.

Now, Matt Lewis gets called a "RINO" in 3... 2... 1...