The Politicization Of Christine O'Donnell

Here is Joshua Green's take the revelation that Christine O'Donnell didn't really attend Oxford University:
Today's Christine O'Donnell news is, admittedly, of the tamer variety: she lied about attending Oxford. That doesn't quite measure up to the precedent established by her statements about witchcraft and ... mice with human brains. But when you stop and think about it, it is pretty amazing. Not that she made the claim, but that it's taken this long--it's been weeks since her primary win--for people to realize that it's bogus. What I like best is the way she describes her Oxford studies on her LinkedIn page: "Post Modernism in the New Millennium." That's it. Breezy and offhand, leaving one to assume this must have been the title of her dissertation. Given what we know about O'Donnell, this should have set off alarm bells as loudly as if she'd claimed to have served as Secretary of Agriculture in the Ford administration or won Wimbledon.
Look, I think that Christine O'Donnell is a charismatic speaker and appears to be at-least-somewhat informed about the subjects which she is passionate.

But come on! How can anyone support a candidate who has clearly mislead her followers... multiple times! O'Donnell bills her candidacy as 'someone who's not a typical Washington politician'. She may not be from Washington, but she has all of the tell-tale characteristics of a Washington politico: distortions, half-truths and lies.