Quote Of The Day II

"Here's the deal: when I get a friendly press outlet -- not so much the guy that's interviewing me -- it's their audience that I'm trying to reach. So, if I can get on Rush Limbaugh, and I can say, 'Harry Reid needs $25 million. I need a million people to send twenty five dollars to' The day I was able to say that [even], he made $236,000 dollars. That's why it's so important. Somebody... I'm going on Bill O'Reilly the 16th. They say, 'Bill O'Reilly, you better watch out for that guy, he's not necessarily a friendly'... Doesn't matter, his audience is friendly, and if I can get an opportunity to say that at least once on his show -- when I said it on Sean Hannity's television show we made $40,000 before we even got out of the studio in New York." -Nevada Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Sharron Angle [audio], speaking at a house-party fundraiser about just how profitable an appearance on Fox News Channel can be.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images