Quote Of The Day

"We've got millions of Muslim-Americans, our fellow citizens, in this country. They're going to school with our kids. They're our neighbors. They're our friends. They're our co-workers. And when we start acting as if their religion is somehow offensive, what are we saying to them? I've got Muslims who are fighting in Afghanistan in the uniform of the United States Armed Services. They're out there putting their lives on the line for us and we've got to make sure that we are crystal-clear -- for our sakes and their sakes -- they are Americans. We honor their service. Part of honoring their service is making sure they understand that we don't differentiate between 'them and us'. It's just us." -President Barack Obama, commenting on the anti-Muslim rhetoric prevalent in much of the media recently.

Just because the horrific acts of September 11th, 2001 were perpetrated in the name of Islam, does not mean that all Muslims are to blame.