RE: The "Restoring Honor" Crowd Video

I've posted this video in response to my earlier post about the attendees of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally.

In that post's comment section, I responded to commenter dnicole thusly:
I think that the first problem is that videos like this one highlight the uneducated fringe of the Tea Party movement. I know folks who align themselves with the ideology behind the Tea Party (small government, low/no taxes, conservative foreign policy), but not the crazy elements of it (Birthers, Deathers, people who believe that socialism/fascism/Communism/Sharia law is coming to America).

One can believe in conservative/libertarian ideals and not be a kook. Unfortunately, the kooks are the ones who yell the loudest...
I think that the video above is a great example of someone who is a true conservative on fiscal issues, but does not want any part of the caricature that the Tea Party movement has become.

Head nod: Chris Bodenner