That Victory Mosque

After the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, and Cordoba, and Constantinople they built victory mosques. And, now, they want to build a mosque by Ground Zero. Where does Bob Etheridge stand? He won't say. Won't speak out. Won't take a stand.
"They"? Really?!

So, the incumbent and Democratic candidate for North Carolina's 2nd District has responded through a spokesman saying that the congressman has never supported building the mosque near Ground Zero.

1) Etheridge is a coward. Period. Nevermind what Renee Elmers (the GOP candidate) is...

2) What does it say about North Carolina's 2nd Congressional District that a mosque (or a community center, whatevs) in New York City has become a "central issue" of the race.

Really? A central issue? 500 miles apart, and this is where voters are focusing their attention?

Somehow I doubt that.