Will The New Chevy Volt Save GM?

Matt Burns at Crunchgear really likes the Chevy Volt. In fact, he thinks that it will save General Motors:
One thing is clear to me now: GM gets it. Government Motors now understands the importance of cutting edge technology. They understand rapid development processes. But most importantly, the once largest auto maker understands the future. If only they had “gotten it” back at the turn of the century, they wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in now.

I recently spent some time at a couple GM facilities where in between various PowerPoint presentations mainly about OnStar and the Volt, I was shown several labs and testing areas. All this was neat and about what you would expect: motion simulators, virtual testing, all housed in cold cement buildings. But it was the overall message that instilled hope in me that the automaker born in my hometown of Flint is actually on the right path.

Question: Do all hybrids need to look as ugly as the Toyota Prius? Honestly?

Ugh. Whatever happened to the badass looking concept of the Volt?

Photos: Crunchgear at Flickr