Barney Frank Loans His Campaign $200k

Will someone please explain this to me, because it makes no sense at all...
U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, in a scrap for his political life, has lent his campaign $200,000, according to newly filed financial records.

Frank (D-Newton), who’s facing a stiff challenge in the 4th Congressional District from upstart Republican Sean Bielat, sent his campaign the cash Tuesday, Federal Election Commission records show. The loan was first reported today by Washington-based Web site

Frank filed a new campaign finance disclosure this week which reported that he raised $316,000 and had more than $1 million in his war chest. Bielat, a Marine and business consultant, has $364,000 in his campaign account.


Bielat has been dubbed a “Young Gun” by the national GOP, which has targeted the race as part of a nationwide campaign to pick up congressional seats. A poll released by Frank’s campaign this week showed the 15-term congressman up by 19 points.
My emphases, and I emphasized those particular points for a reason.

" a scrap for his political life" does not correlate with Frank being "up by 19 points". Does it? Am I missing something here? Since when does being up by nearly 20 points constitute a bitter election battle?

Postscript: Please do note the lack of irony in the two of the three post-tags ('Barney Frank' and 'Poll Smoking'). After all, these are the legitimate topics of this post.