Beavis & Butthead Do... Another Movie?

The return of the Great Cornholio is imminent:
Back in the '90s when MTV was still kind of showing music videos, the animated series 'Beavis and Butthead' was all the rage in my high school. It inspired us to call each other fart knockers, while introducing us to the Great Cornholio and the phrase "kick me in the jimmy".

'Beavis and Butthead' creator Mike Judge has plans to bring the popular pair of moronic teenage rockers back to the theaters this Friday, October 15th as an animated 3-D introduction to the movie 'Jackass 3-D' , according to For those of us who have been longing for the return of the hilarious cartoon we only have to wait another four days.

It was also revealed in July, that 'Beavis and Butthead' will be back on the air courtesy of our friends at MTV, which may have finally realized that certain age demographics don't like to watch reality shows about spoiled teenagers living in mansions or whatever the case may be.
Nice. The fanboys will start coming out of the woodwork now (huh huh... wood). But, all is not well in the land of dick'n'fart jokes:
There's also recently been rumors about a live-action adaption of the series being made for the big screen, which me makes me cringe. I just can't imagine that being any good, though Judge has proven he can make good live-action movies, like one of my all-time favorite movies in 'Office Space' and to lesser extents the movies 'Extract' and 'Idiocracy'.
It's the reverse of the revelation that I posted yesterday -- but it is still a painfully-bad idea. Who the f**k is going to play Beavis? Butthead?

I can see it now: Brad Pitt as Beavis and George Clooney as Butthead -- in "eye-popping" 3D!!!