Blumenthal Increases Lead Over McMahon In Connecticut

Despite his, errr, embellishment of the truth -- Richard Blumenthal continues to lead Linda McMahon in the race to replace Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd:
In the battle for the open Senate seat in Connecticut, a new poll indicates that longtime Democratic state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal maintains a double digit lead over Republican nominee and former pro-wrestling executive Linda McMahon.

According to a Quinnipiac University survey released Thursday, 54 percent of likely voters in Connecticut back Blumenthal, the Democrat's Senate nominee, with 43 percent supporting McMahon, who along with her husband Vince McMahon, managed World Wrestling Entertainment for two decades, with three percent undecided.

Blumenthal held a three point margin over McMahon in a Quinnipiac survey from late last month. The new poll indicates that Blumenthal has a five point advantage among independent voters. Last month McMahon held a five point advantage among independent voters.

Other recent polls all indicate that Blumenthal now holds a double digit advantage, including a CNN/Time/Opinion Research Corporation survey released last week, which had Blumenthal at 54 percent and McMahon at 41 percent among likely voters.

The Quinnipiac poll indicates that women back Blumenthal by a nearly two to one margin while men support McMahon by a 52 to 46 percent advantage.

"After Linda McMahon had climbed to within 3 points of Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, he has stopped her momentum and increased his lead by 8 points in two weeks. While September wasn't very good for Blumenthal, perhaps like Reggie Jackson, he could be called 'Mr. October,'" says Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz.

"Fueled by a surge in support from women, Democrats and independents, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has his best poll numbers since the start of the fall campaign. Linda McMahon may have peaked too soon and her advertising saturation could be causing 'McMahon fatigue.'"
Connecticut, along with New Hampshire, is renown for it's streak of political independence. So, it is interesting to me that, despite Blumenthal's recent verbal transgressions, Nutmeggers seem to prefer Blumenthal's untruthiness to McMahon's, umm, smack-down-iness.

Voters appear to be having trouble smelling what Linda McMahon is cooking...