Ed Rendell Employs The Fear Card

...and how:
Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) characterized the midterm elections as a life-and-death struggle in a speech Sunday afternoon.

"The choice is clear, you've got to go to the polls," Rendell said during a warm-up address at a large rally in Philadelphia prior to appearances by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

"What's the best way to prevent [Republicans] from tearing down the president? It's a four-letter word," the governor said. "Vote like your life depends on it — because, you know, it just might."
Give. Me. A. Break.

It's stupid when Republicans do it. It's stupid when Democrats do it.

I'm fairly certain that if you don't get out and vote in this year's mid-term elections, you won't die.

Still, that's no excuse not to vote...

Head nod: Doug