Fisking Congressman Steve King

Rude Pundit takes NY Congressman Steve King to task:
For what other word would you use for King after he said of the conviction and life sentence of an admitted terrorist, "There was a bit of luck involved here." What was that lucky luck? Why, it was that Faisal Shahzad, who wanted to blow up Times Square, confessed to the crime and gave information to those who arrested him. In other words, he behaved like most every other criminal ever. Someone should explain the concept of "luck" to King, perhaps while he's sucking a cock. See, "luck" is when something positive occurs that is the opposite of the expected outcome. The vast majority of cases in the American criminal justice system don't rely on luck. And when you say one does, you say that everyone who works in it is a worthless shit who stumbles around in the dark until they trip over the corpse.


Nicely done, New York Republican Party. You guys used to run Nelson Rockefeller and other moderates. Giuliani lost his mind when he gave up his combover. Bloomberg bailed on you because you became a bunch of cocksuckers. Now, you've devolved in a way that just reflects your national party, dishonorable and delusional.
Ouch. I don't always agree with the Rude Pundit -- but I have to admit that I love his style. I'm not sure that I could get away with it...