Harry Reid Versus Sharron Angle

Everything that I've read seems to be quite tame. Craig Crawford has a pretty good summary:
Candidates are so scripted that even their debates are live performances of TV ads. Harry Reid and Sharron Angle stuck to their ad lines Thursday in a Las Vegas showdown. Reid pressed the message that his GOP Senate challenger is extreme - so extreme that he used the word throughout the debate. Angle often used exact words from her ads, claiming Reid wants to give tax breaks and Social Security to illegal immigrants. For all the jabs back and forth this was a classic example of a debate that could have been nearly duplicated by instead screening the ads.
Doug thinks that Angle won. But barely:
In the end, though, neither candidate acquitted themselves very well last night. However, this was Harry Reid’s debate to win or lose. As a five-term incumbent, he shouldn’t even be in this fight for his political life and the question going in to the debate was whether he would be able to give Nevada voters a reason to vote for him rather than Angle. He failed.
Personally, I tend to agree with Doug on this point.

This was Reid's debate (and election) to lose -- and he appears to be doing a damn-good-job of it on his own.

Make no mistake, Sharron Angle is a terrible choice for Nevada voters. But, given Harry Reid's record and his performance in this campaign, I will not be the least surprised if/when Angle emerges victorious.