In New York, Carl Paladino Is Done

...unless there is some H U G E bombshell that rocks the Cuomo campaign onto it's heels, Paladino appears to be finished. Here is the latest polling from Siena College (.pdf):
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo has extended his lead over Republican Carl Paladino to an overwhelming 63-26 percent among likely voters. With 69 percent of voters having an unfavorable view of Paladino, he is viewed far more unfavorably that Governor David Paterson, who is viewed unfavorably by 58 percent, according to a Siena College poll of likely New York voters released today.
David Paterson is unpopular, but Carl Paladino makes him look like a rock star.

Okay, maybe not a rock star, but you get the point.

This election is now Andrew Cuomo's to lose. And, given Paladino's performance thus far (ahem, ahem, ahem), Cuomo ain't gonna lose.

Photo: Groll/Simmons/AP