Joe Sestak Continues To Climb In The Polls

Last week, there were some polling numbers that contradicted each other, but PPP released their latest round of polling for the race for U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania this morning -- and it looks like good news for the Sestak campaign:
Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak has cut deeply into Republican rival Pat Toomey’s lead in Pennsylvania’s competitive Senate race and now holds a 1-percentage-point edge, according to a new poll.

The survey released Tuesday by Democratic-allied Public Policy Polling found Sestak winning 46 percent of the vote to Toomey’s 45 percent support, within the 3.7 percent margin of error. That’s a stark turnaround from PPP’s survey in August, when Toomey, a former three-term congressman, held a 9-percentage-point edge.

Though it’s only the second public poll to show a significantly closer race, the results echo internal polling from both parties, which increasingly forecast a tight contest within the margin of error. That narrowing has come as Sestak’s campaign increases its TV ad buys and more voters tune into the race. A Rasmussen Reports survey released last week found Toomey still enjoying a 10-percentage-point lead.
While the polls that show Joe Sestak pulling even with (or even ahead of) Pat Toomey are few and far between, I think that they should not be discounted. The Keystone State is solidly purple and, despite the President's low approval ratings, I think that Pennsylvanians could go either way in this race.

Although, my gut continues to tell me that Toomey will eke out a win in November...