Kentucky Democrats Use 'Stomp' Video Against Rand Paul


While I can understand that the metaphor is a good argument ("Rand Paul wants to stomp on the issues you care about"), the Kentucky Democratic Party is using a situation over which Rand Paul had no control as a talking point.

Now, had it been Dr. Paul in the video stomping on that woman's head, then there would definitely be an argument for advertising like this. Although, if that had been the situation, my guess is that the ad would have a dramatically different tone; e.g. "Rand Paul assaulted this woman!"

As it happens, this was an incident at which neither candidate was present. The stomper (Tim Profitt) is a fan of Rand Paul, but surely one cannot hold a candidate responsible for the (dickish) actions of one supporter.

It's just a weird ad. As TPM puts it:
Paul has, of course, made it fairly easy for Democrats to turn the jarring video of Valle's head getting stomped by Tim Profitt outside a Lexington debate Monday into their closing argument in the Senate race. Paul was slow to condemn the attack -- though he "dissociated" himself from Profitt soon after the event -- and has decided to keep the nearly $2,000 Profitt donated to his campaign.

Still, it is pretty strange to watch a brutal physical assault turned into a message about the Fair Tax. Nevertheless, Democrats in Kentucky have made their choice, and that choice is to try and win with the Kentucky Stomp.
"Pretty strange" seems to me to be quite an understatement. But maybe that's just me.