The King Birther Doesn't Like Mitt Romney

Does this man really look dangerous to you?

Ah, the incoherent ramblings of a man who is completely and utterly insane:
If Mitt Romney were to become the next president, America would be done as an experiment in freedom. We would see this 235-year experiment in liberty perish before our eyes. That's a guarantee.

What we need in 2012 is a president who is ready, willing and able to overturn all of Barack Obama's misdeeds and then some. As president, Mitt Romney would ensure that would never happen. That's his track record. He's a Republican appeaser – even worse. He himself proudly instituted Obamacare in Massachusetts as governor. He still boasts about it today.

Mitt Romney is the most dangerous man in America today because he is the only GOP presidential contender about whom I can make such an unequivocal statement. If he wins, we lose. America's toast.

I'm serious about this.

All the positive energy that was stirred up throughout middle America because of Obama's misdeeds will have nowhere to be channeled if he's the nominee.

Honestly, if he's the nominee, America's only hope will be revolution.
If I'm Mitt Romney, I take all of this in stride baby. Who would want the endorsement of Joseph Farah anyway?


Also, does anyone find it supremely interesting that Farah is a Birther and he doesn't think that the usurper Sotero-Obama is the "most dangerous man in the America today"? It's almost as if Farah has given up on the Crusade for the Certificate...