Lou Dobbs: Hypocrite

I can't say that I am all-that-surprised by the revelation that Lou Dobbs (or at the very least Lou Dobbs' company) employed (or employs?) undocumented workers:
[A 36-year-old Mexican immigrant the author refers to as Marco Salinas] got the job, he said, and worked at it for more than two years without documents until he was finally able to obtain a guest-worker visa designed for seasonal foreign workers (the same kind of visa denounced as a form of "indentured servitude" on Dobbs's CNN show).

I asked Salinas, still clad in his work clothes—a polo shirt and jeans—about Dobbs, the owner of the horses he cared for. But the father of three simply flashed a disarming grin, let out an easygoing laugh and politely declined to comment.

In his work as a groom for Dobbs's horses, Salinas said he regularly started at 5 am and did not get off until after 6 in the evening. According to Pedro Gomez, another undocumented worker, who cared for Dobbs Group horses in Vermont and Florida, the workday during horse shows like the three-month-long Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival was typically twelve hours or longer.
Now, this story ought to churn in the progressive grist-mills for a week or so...

Personally, I don't care if Dobbs hires undocumented workers.

If I were a rich man and owned a large company/business that made it a practice of hiring undocumented workers (as it appears that Dobbs' does), I would offer them assistance in gaining legal working status. I think that would be a great benefit of employment.