More Polling In Pennsylvania

Hmmm... this is fast-becoming a real nail-biter:
The PA Senate race has tightened up considerably. The current survey shows the race as a dead heat at 46% apiece including undecided voters who lean towards one candidate or the others. Our August survey showed the Republican Pat Toomey with a 10 percentage point advantage among likely voters (Toomey 47% vs. Democrat Joe Sestak 37%). There are only 6% remaining who are undecided so this race will most likely continue to be hard fought until election day.

Sestak’s ability to fight back into the race appears to be based in part on his ability to convince Pennsylvanians that he is best positioned on a number of important economic issues.

Pluralities say that Sestak has better policies on “America’s policies towards China” (Sestak 33% vs. Toomey 28%), “Keeping jobs in this country” (Sestak 37% vs. Toomey 31%), and “Standing up for America’s interests” (Sestak 40% vs. Toomey 34%).

Toomey has more credibility on “Balancing our national budget” (Toomey 36% vs. Sestak 28%).

The two candidates are split on “Creating jobs for the people of PA” (Sestak 34% vs. Toomey 34%) and “Abortion” (Sestak 31% vs. Toomey 31%).
It's going to come down to the wire next week. I think that this race really could go either way (though I still think Toomey will win it).