That Rally This Coming Weekend

I honestly wish I could attend...
They’re reasonable, they’re lucid, and, damn it, they want their voices heard.

At a moderate conversational level, of course.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of activists and fans are expected to rally on the National Mall at the urging of two cable television comedians whose combined nightly viewership is somewhere south of a primetime repeat of FOX’s “The Simpsons.”

The message of Comedy Central “fake news” personalities Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert blends an ironic dig at political extremism of all stripes, a meeting of generally left-of-center minds, smarty-pants jabs at national media coverage, and a heartfelt – if jokey – appeal for more rational discourse in American politics.
... but like many Americans, I have a life. I have a family, and I cannot afford to simply drop everything and head to D.C. to "march" on Washington.

From what I understand, Comedy Central will be airing the entire event -- LIVE -- so that folks from around the country can tune in. I'll likely check it out, if only for a bit.

I sure hope that Jon Stewart wears a lame-ass boy-band transparent microphone-headset like Glenn Beck wore at his rally... sweet.

If you are going, please e-mail with pictures and/or stories from the event. I'm interested to see what people think/do while they are there.