Why The President Should Apologize To America

Townhall's John Howkins Hawkins does not mince words:
Barack Obama is a petty little man whose grandiose sense of self importance has always far outstripped his abilities and accomplishments. Putting a man such as that in the most important job on the planet is like taking a five year old off an airplane ride at a carnival and putting him at the control of a jet airplane in mid-flight.
Hey John, don't hold back. Tell us what you really think.

Hawkins cites seven reasons that President Obama should apologize to the American people. They are:

1) For lying to the American people
2) For the nasty class warfare
3) For Obamacare
4) For putting our children so deep into debt
5) For the abuse of power
6) For the racial polarization of America
7) For the arrogance

Now, I'm at work (and supposed to be working), so I can't go through Hawkins' allegations one-by-one -- which is too bad, because I could pick several of them apart quite well. What I will say is that, while he makes some good points about debt and spending, Hawkins completely lacks any depth or evidence in most of his rant.

For example, Hawkins asserts that "The good news about being President is that it doesn't seem to have gotten in the way of Barack Obama's golf game. Nor his vacations." as one reason for the President to apologize to America (filed under "For the arrogance").

My question is this: How is this different from any other president in the history of this nation?

Seriously dude. Not really a good representation of your 'A' game. If you have a real gripe with the President's holiday schedule, be specific. What did he do that was so unbelievably egregious? What vacation spot makes Obama the epitome of socialism?

Read the whole thing and let me know what you think.